49 North Resources Inc.

Portfolio Overview

49 North Resources Inc. is a Saskatchewan focused company with strategic operations in financial, managerial advisory and merchant banking.

Our diversified portfolio of assets includes direct project involvement as well as investments in shares and other securities of resource issuers. We believe early stage involvement in resource development is the cornerstone of wealth creation for our shareholders.

Private Cos 20% Public Cos 80%

CURRENT PORTFOLIO ASSETS Top 15 Holdings as of December 31, 2016

Rank Company Name Exchange Symbol Commodity
1 Omineca Mining and Metals Ltd. OMM Base & Precious Metals
2 Deep Earth Energy Productions Corp. Private Other
3 Westcore Energy Ltd. WTR Oil & Gas
4 Shore Gold Inc. SGF Diamonds
5 Eagle Plains Resources Ltd. EPL Base & Precious Metals
6 Gespeg Copper Resources Inc. GCR Base & Precious Metals
7 Wescan Goldfields Inc. WGF Base & Precious Metals
8 Goldcliff Resources Corp. GCN Base & Precious Metals
9 Meize Energy Industries Holdings Ltd. Private Other
10 Copper Reef Mining Corp. CZC Base & Precious Metals
11 Tembo Gold Corp. TEM Base & Precious Metals
12 Admiralty Oils Ltd. Private Oil & Gas
13 Eros Resources Corp. ERC Other
14 Rockshield Capital Corp. RKS Other
15 Skeena Resources Ltd. SKE Base & Precious Metals